New Approach to Recoloring from Adobe
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Oh shit!

by S.K.O
20 hours ago

VUE without competition

by John
20 hours ago

Can you please give us a walkthrough how to implement this into Maya? would be super helpful. Thanks a lot.

New Approach to Recoloring from Adobe
30 July, 2019

Have a look at another important paper from SIGGRAPH that focuses on recoloring.

A team of researchers from Adobe proposed a novel and intuitive method for exploring recoloring variations of vector graphics. “Compared with existing methods, ours is specifically tailored for vector graphics, where color distributions are sparser and are explicitly stored using constructs like solid colors or gradients, independent from other semantical and spatial relationships,” states the team.

The method is meant to infer some of them before formulating color transfer as a transport problem between the weighted color distributions of the reference and the target vector graphics. It provides fine-grain control over the resulting transfer, so you get the ability to modify relative color distributions in real-time.

“Color distributions in vector graphics are way sparser than in photos, making it more challenging to assess whether a color is a variation of another one (typically a shade or a tint) or it has its own entity. Not taking this into account often leads to recolorings that may be numerically right, but do not preserve the original structures properly,” noted the team. The new approach is said to include this process during an initial palette extraction step, providing more perceptually relevant palettes. The Earth Mover’s Distance is used to map the reduced reference and target color palettes, and then you can recover the tints and shades to preserve the original color relationships.

You can learn more here.

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