New Features of ShaderMap 4
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New Features of ShaderMap 4
31 August, 2017

CGPress reported about the new updates to the Rendering Systems’ ShaderMap software.

ShaderMap is an image generator for 3D artists. It enables artists to generate maps from source images and source 3d models. Each map is generated by a plugin. There are a number of default map plugins provided with the ShaderMap installation including: displacement from diffuse, albedo from diffuse, normal from displacement, ambient occlusion from 3d model, displacement from 3d model, normal from normal, and more. Some map plugins have multiple inputs while some have no inputs at all. There are even maps to blend other maps together.

ShaderMap provides a 3D interface for visualizing the generated maps on 3D models, it is called the Material Visualizer. The Visualizer provides an editor for configuring materials to apply to the 3D models. Each material is created from a number of maps. The Visualizer allows the artist to apply multiple materials to multiple instances of 3D models for side-by-side comparison.

ShaderMap 4’s map rendering uses 16-bit floating point numbers which greatly reduces memory usage. It also has improved Normal Map, support for 3DS and DAE models, Histogram and Normal Map Radar, Triangle Coloring and Color ID maps from 3D models. There’s also a built in help system, the software also supports legacy plugins, and allows for channel toggle in Map Preview. You can find the full list of additions at the official website.

ShaderMap 4 Pro could be purchased for $49, but there’s an option to upgrade for $34. If you want to learn how to use this software and use it for some personal projects, you can do so for free!

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