New Partnerships for Visual Studio
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Thanks! What is your CPU and amount of RAM? I'm thinking of getting an Intel Core i7-8750H and 16GB of Ram.

by sanek94cool
2 hours ago

What Bikmambetov is going to do there? He can only share how to make stupid movies :)

This would be so much more interesting if they'd offer help with housing and integration with a crash course in Japanese. Having some knowledge of the Japanese language and culture should be a pre but in my honest opinion, not a must. That would make this job hunt a much more relevant subject of interest.

New Partnerships for Visual Studio
21 April, 2015

Visual Studio, one of the most popular tools used for video game development in the industry, is taking big steps forward for game development by collaborating with three big name independent game engine providers: Chukong Technologies, Epic Games, and Unity Technologies.

This collaboration will make everything so much easier and efficient for game developers to develop games for popular platforms using Visual Studio IDE. The installers for each of the aforementioned gaming engines will offer the ability to co-install Visual Studio Community on Windows which would also come with plug-ins that would be required for Windows developers who build for these engines. On top of this, it will be easy to find and use tools for Cocos2d, Unity, and Unreal inside Visual Studios 2015.


New partners of Visual Studio ©, 2015

Access to certain tools and engines are available to more developers due to these improvements. Visual Studio Community is freely available for non-enterprise usage and to make things even better, there are free options within Cocos2d, Unity 5 Personal Engine, and Unreal Engine 4. Visual Studio already offers Visual Studio Tools for Unity, a free add-on enabling a greater experience for debugging and programming when working with Unity.

Every single one of the engines gives support to a wide range of many different and popular gaming platforms. Through cross-platform game development frameworks, there will be an expansion of cross-platform mobile development support that is already in existence in Visual Studio for C++, Cordova (HTML), and Xamarin (C#).


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