New Video of Canceled Star Wars Game
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New Video of Canceled Star Wars Game
6 November, 2015

Footage of a forgotten and buried Star Wars game called First Assault turned up online. Disney/LucasArts canceled the project unexpectedly in 2012. This was supposed to be the first game in a line of games that would eventually progress into Star Wars Battlefront 3.


Star Wars: First Assault via Kotaku

First Assault is not related at all to the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront 3 developed by DICE, and is also unrelated to the 2006 Star Wars Battlefront 3 that was developed by Free Radical which is now named Deep Silver Dambuster and they are currently working on Homefront: The Revolution. First Assault was being developed inside of LucasArts and was to be released as a downloadable PS3 and Xbox 360 game. According to GamesRadar the title was just $10,000 in certification fees away from a 2012 public beta. However, as close as it was to being in our hands, Disney “declared a media blackout”.

This 20 minute clip which was posted on Reddit, is of a technical beta that was on Xbox Live for “a while before it was canned”. The beta only has one level and there are no bots spawning and another player can’t be added either. It also looks like the view is through the eyes of a Stormtrooper and the level is on Tatooine. And there was footage released previously of this dead game but LucasArts/Disney made sure there wasn’t any.


Star Wars: First Assault via Kotaku

As the video plays it looks more and more like Call of Duty. This isn’t just mere coincidence because this was during the time when the series took over the market. The difference is that First Assault has dropships that drop respawns in waves and that melee attacks can heal with every hit. The weaponry and support abilities were quite interesting too. You could have repelling grenades, cloaks, and holographic decoys. The biggest thing separating them was that there was no Jedi or Sith… many children and adults would have had their dreams shut down if this were the case for Battlefront.


Star Wars: First Assault via Kotaku

Continuing forth, First Assault was planned to release in the summer of 2013, and a game codenamed Wingman was to come out a year later that would have larger maps and vehicles. Following Wingman, in Winter 2015 a complete Star Wars Battlefront 3 game was supposed to come out with all the features of the two games previous and would include a single player campaign.


Nobody really knows exactly why it was shut down, but that isn’t a huge matter because just a few months later, EA announced DICE’s Star Wars Battlefront 3, and we will be able to have it in our hands December 8th (December 1st if you pre-order).


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