Newzoo: Microsoft Unites PC and Consoles
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Newzoo: Microsoft Unites PC and Consoles
9 February, 2015

Newzoo published a new report, that tells us about Microsoft’s new Xbox on PC initiative and about the possible way of uniting PC and console gamers.

Microsoft is trying to reach Xbox beyond consoles. The company wants to unite PC and console users by allowing gamers to stream Xbox One games on Windows 10 PC and tablets. Newzoo believes that Microsoft is right in its strategy as PC and consoles have a lot in common.

Console Payers buy PC-games


There is a big overlap between PC and console gamers in the US market. 58% of gamers who play both console and PC/MMO games are also spending on both platforms. This is approximately– 42 million people. 10% of gamers playing on both platforms are also big spenders. 7.5 million Americans are spending more on both console and PC/MMO games. Therefore Xbox App could become a major hub for gamers who can and will spent more money on online games.

Microsoft made a lot of effort to make new games (including exclusive products) to be available on both Xbox One and PC. There’s a great potential for cross-play functionality.

A Way to Unite East & West


Global PC/MMO revenues exceeded $24 billion in 2014. Console revenues were about $27 billion for the same period. Eastern and western regions show very different preferences per platform. USA is a place where revenues exceeded $11 billion, outweighing PC/MMO ($4 billion). Asia Pacific on the contrary shows $14 billion in PC/MMO revenues which is almost double the size of console revenues ($6 billion). Therefore Microsoft considers East to be less lucrative. New cross-platform solutions could potentially change this forever.

New solution will allow Microsoft to serve more PC/MMO gamers in the East and console customers in the West. Newzoo believes that the company has enough tools to increase its addressable revenues by as much as +91%.


If Xbox and Windows unite, Microsoft could double its market share. To make this whole thing work Microsoft has to invent a way to launch or stream PC-games to TV without the need of an Xbox-console. The upcoming Windows 10 could present us with a new way to share our experiences in the living room and make PC-games more popular all over the world.

Source: Newzoo

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