Newzoo Partners With Fnatic
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Very impressive article Jake! You are very talented.

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nice article! i love seeing the breakdowns.

Newzoo Partners With Fnatic
23 October, 2015

Leading eSports team Fnatic and global games market intelligence firm Newzoo have partnered “to provide deep and global insights into the eSports audience.”

Fnatic has been around since 2004 and is now the leading eSports organization in the world. They also have six professional teams who compete at the highest level in a multitude of games from CS:GO to Dota2. They have close to 6 million followers globally. Newzoo on the other hand, is the leading games market intelligence firm. They provide market trends, financial analysis, revenue projections, consumer insights, data modelling solutions and predictive analytics services across all continents, screen and business models. They work with the top 25 public companies by game revenue globally, indie developers and top global hardware and media companies.

Both companies are in different areas of eSports but have a common understanding of where the future of eSports will go, so they are strategically working together to combine their strengths. They will be mutually benefiting each other in a couple of ways. Fnatic will be “actively supporting Newzoo’s quarterly updated Global Growth of eSports Report and the eSports Audience and Revenue Model behind it. Newzoo will assist Fnatic in sizing and profiling the global and local opportunities for its sponsors and media partners using Newzoo’s eSports consumer research in 27 countries.”

Newzoo-Logo-1-80lvSlowly but surely, companies ranging from big global advertising brands to traditional media giants are realizing that eSports is more than a stand-alone and temporary phenomenon. The business, consumer and technology trends that are driving the explosive growth of eSports are reshaping digital media as a whole and accelerating the inevitable disruption of the traditional media space. Streamers and eSports athletes are the new celebrities. Teams are at the very epicenter of change and I am extremely proud to work with the most popular, professional and fun team in this space.” ~Peter Warman, CEO, Newzoo

Esports is receiving so much attention from press, media companies and advertisers that it is not surprising that many reach out to Fnatic, having been around for over 10 years and now the most popular team worldwide. On a daily basis, we find ourselves explaining eSports as a phenomenon to the world. We have been using Newzoo’s work in this space for quite a while. Following a number of discussions that took place across the globe, we discovered the unique insights this partnership will deliver, from industry-wide trends do deep audience insights that can help our existing partners and new non-endemic brands looking to enter and find value in the vastly growing eSports audience‘. ~Wouter Sleijffers, CEO, Fnatic


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