Next-Gen Dressing Room With Markerless Tracking In Houdini

Check out an awesome new demo by Danil Krivoruchko.

Danil Krivoruchko, New York-based Art director and VFX artist, shared a look at his new experiment with a markerless tracking setup he's been working with for almost a year. The setup does not use any markers, mocap cameras, suits, or even keyframing. The developer used 3 DSLR cameras and he noted that it's "pretty far from being real-time". He also wrote that "it still has some glitches in poses from time to time, which can be easily fixed with some manual keyframed clean up." The demo above was not tweaked though.

The demo is based on the OpenPose ML network for 2D tracking of joints on each camera, plus a custom Houdini setup for triangulating the results into 3D, stabilizing results, and driving the rig.

What do you think about the demo? Our habits are changing and we could certainly use such an app to try on new clothes without the need to go outside, right?

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