No Man’s Sky NEXT New Trailer
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I feel like you can shoot this after printing it out...

by Oneiros
45 min ago

And yes, these video are made using the standard unity pipeline but we will release soon also the HDRP version. Stay tuned!

by Oneiros
50 min ago

Hi khiree.taylan, the projects could run in multiplatform. The graphics showed in these videos are made using a gtx 1070 but soon we will release also the mobile version :)

No Man’s Sky NEXT New Trailer
17 July, 2018

The new upgrade to the notorious game shows much better procedurally generated worlds and pushes the visuals of NMS to a new level.

People forget. Remember when No Man’s Sky just got out to the shelves as a PlayStation 4 exclusive? Remember the hate and disgust? Apparently, it’s all over now. Hello Games did a lot of work back then. They’ve seriously updated the game, added a bunch of features, upgraded the world-building algorithms and created what looks like the whole new game. They even came up with the new title for it: No Man’s Sky NEXT. Here’s the trailer.

We actually want to believe that it’s true and this project won’t be another massive disappointment. The design of the locations looks awesome. The vegetation actually looks beautiful. Underwater environments impress. Third-person camera is definitely a good addition. Plus there’s genuine multiplayer finally. Let’s hope this all works out and we could actually play it.

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