No Man’s Sky recreated in three weeks

No Man’s Sky recreated in three weeks

It takes three weeks to create your own galaxy with some help of classic Doom.

If you haven’t had a chance to dive into endless worlds of No Man’s Sky, we might have a different option for you . Here is a slightly different version created with the help of the classic 1993 Doom. 

It took Hello Games years to create their randomly generated universe, but modder Robert Prest didn’t need that much time – he needed only three weeks. First of all, he hasn’t had a chance to play the original game! He used code from one of his projects, DoomZ, and built a familiar spaceship with dice hanging above your head. Its display states “boldly go where no man has gone before”.

Then you land on a planet’s surface and it appears that worlds here are randomly generated too and have the similar kinds of minerals, enemies and foliage. You also get the mining tool and jump-pack, also well-known, that will get you some resources and guide you through game’s hilarious universe. 

One more thing worth noticing – you can stumble across the creative director of the original space epic, Sean Murray, and some other familiar face, who now know their own alien languages, which you’ll have to decipher. 

Now let’s take a moment to think about the potential of the modder. It took him only three weeks to create his own galaxy. Imagine what he could do with Hello Games’ resources.

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