Noclip Releases a New Documentary on the Making of Dishonored

Learn how the team approached levels, gameplay mechanics, and more.

The Noclip team returned with another great documentary, this time on the development of the Dishonored series. The hour-long documentary on the design of the Dishonored franchise with the Arkane team features a lot of behind-the-scenes details on how they approached levels, gameplay mechanics, and more. 

Arkane is a French video game developer based in Lyon. The company was launched in 1999. The studio's first game is Arx Fatalis, released back in 2002. Their most popular project is Dishonored.

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  • Khinevich Michael

    That’s a great content to watch instead of tv shows. Please, give us more like this!


    Khinevich Michael

    ·a month ago·

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