NVIDIA Launches ‘In the NVIDIA Studio’ Series

Check out the new series celebrating extraordinary artists, their inspiring art, and their innovative techniques every week.

In case you missed the news, NVIDIA recently introduced their In the NVIDIA Studio series!

Creating content has never been more exciting. Every day, creatives are using the latest and greatest technology to bring their visions to life, and sharing their art with the world across a nearly limitless number of platforms. Anyone can be creative, but being creative is still hard. But it can be easier when your tools get out of the way of your process.

That’s what NVIDIA Studio is for. It’s an ecosystem of fine-tuned hardware and efficient software, powered by NVIDIA’s GPUs, all designed to help you bring your vision to life faster than ever before.

The NVIDIA Studio is the showcase for that work, and for the technology and innovation that creators like you use every day to bring that work to life. Each week, NVIDIA Studio will highlight the work of creators like you, working across video production, photography, 3D art, and more — and showcase how they used GPU-accelerated workflows to their advantage. 

Whether they animated their 8K Blender models in real-time, used AI networks to automate batch processes, exported clips at record-breaking speeds, or collaborated with their team in virtual, connected workflows, they used the technology available via NVIDIA RTX GPUs to its full potential.

And NVIDIA Studio is here to celebrate them.

Artists like concept designer and illustrator Yangtian Li who’s impressive portfolio features character portraits of strong, graceful, empowered women. Their backstories and elegance are inspired by her own life experiences and world travels.

Or Karen X. Cheng who’s on the forefront of using AI to design amazing visuals. Her innovative work produces eye-catching effects to social media videos for brands like Adobe, Beats by Dre and Instagram.

This week’s artist Pablo Muñoz Gómez is equally passionate about helping digital artists, teaching 3D classes and running the Zbrush guides website with his creative specialties: concept and character artistry.

NVIDIA Studio hopes you’ll take the pieces that speak to you and create the next great thing, and they’ll be there to celebrate and support you when your project is complete.

Of course, In The NVIDIA Studio is more than just an art showcase. It’s a check-in on the full creation process, from concept to completion. It’s where creatives can find resources and tutorials to solve previously insurmountable workflow challenges.

It’s also the newest innovations that artists like you can incorporate into their projects — optimized NVIDIA Studio drivers, updated GPU-accelerated tools in the software platforms you live and work in, or hardware releases for those who are ready to upgrade.

Finally, In The NVIDIA Studio is our ongoing commitment to you, the creator. It’s your vision NVIDIA Studio wants to help bring to life, your inspiration they want to spark. Every week In The NVIDIA Studio will show how artists like you tackle the biggest challenges in the industry through the power of NVIDIA’s graphics technologies. 

Check out the NVIDIA Studio blog every week for new artist showcases. 

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