Nvidia Presents Titan RTX Card
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No one will discuss the new destruction system below.

Besides, if you'd be involved in project budgeting you would be aware that the costs are growing and using cheap alternatives is inevitable. This is the business. first of all.

If you hate people that can make your life easier and see the threat in everything related to AI then you can hardly call yourself an artist. Rather than a kid who likes to be in a comfort zone.

Nvidia Presents Titan RTX Card
4 December, 2018

Meet the $2500 TITAN RTX by Nvidia, a new goodie that is also called the T-Rex.

The RTX features 24GB of video memory which is impressive even compared to workstation-class cards. Basically, users get more cores of all types and enough speed to deal with Nvidia’s new ray tracing technology. It’s so powerful that most games won’t even need all of its possibilities, but this one was not built for games, of course.

Nvidia presented the card at NeurIPS, a conference for information processing systems. The new project is all about the neural networks fueling the latest AI innovations which will benefit from the latest design. These cards are said to be able to process AI at an incredible rate.

What is more, it is obvious that the Titan RTX will improve performance on the latest games. 

Please note that we’ll have to wait as Nvidia hasn’t announced a release date yet. You can learn more here

Source: nvidia.com

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