Nvidia Reveals Its CEO Was Generated in 3D for GTC

The kitchen was fake, too.

Nvidia revealed a curious fact about its recent April session. A part of the kitchen speech at the company's GTC conference in April was actually created in 3D. A virtual replica of Huang was created using DSLR cameras and then brought to life with the help of an AI, the company states. Huang's kitchen, which has been Nvidia's main stage since the beginning of the pandemic, was also recreated in 3D.

"To create a virtual Jensen, teams did a full face and body scan to create a 3D model, then trained an AI to mimic his gestures and expressions and applied some AI magic to make his clone realistic," Nvidia said. "Digital Jensen was then brought into a replica of his kitchen that was deconstructed to reveal the holodeck within Omniverse, surprising the audience and making them question how much of the keynote was real, or rendered."

Nvidia clarified that only 14 seconds of the hour and 48-minute presentation were animated, so the rest of the talk was as real as it gets. 

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