NVIDIA Shared RTX Demos That Showcase New Features

Check out two demo videos from NVIDIA that show the latest achievements of RTX.

NVIDIA has released two new RTX demo videos demonstrating the latest technology. The first video shows a UE4-made attic and the ability to toggle on and off ray-traced reflections, shadows, and translucency to see the impact the features have on the scene. You can also see how RTX Global Illumination adds dynamic range to the scene with multi-bounce indirect lighting. Finally, they demonstrated how DLSS can be used to boost the frame rate while maintaining a high resolution.

The second video shows realistic lighting of dynamic scenes that require computing shadows from millions of area lights. Until now, this hasn't been possible in video games in real-time. Traditionally, game developers have baked most lighting and supported a small number of “hero” lights that are computed at runtime. In this scene, you can see neon billboards, brake lights, apartment windows, store displays, and wet roads — all acting as independent light sources. 

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