One-man Game Inspired by Final Fantasy XV

One-man Game Inspired by Final Fantasy XV

Korean independent developer Yang Bing was amazed by a trailer of Final Fantasy XV two years ago so much that he started developing

Korean independent developer Yang Bing was amazed by a trailer of Final Fantasy XV two years ago so much that he started developing his own game, Lost Soul Aside. The gorgeous title also got some inspiration from the Ninja Gaiden series.

The results achieved with Unreal Engine 4 by one man are just amazing!

The creator states that the game “is far from complete,” and at the moment there’s no info on the platforms. 




A few details on the plot:

Ten years ago, there was a war between two kingdoms. The war ended, but several years later the unknown monsters kept to come out and kill people.

Kazer was the Captain of the Knights templar, he rarely has a smile on his face again since the accident of his family, and the nightmare of that day keeps coming to him…

Until he accidentally got combined with one of the monsters, and the monster told him that his name is Arena.

Yang Bing



And here is a message that clarifies some of the details:

Hello everyone, thanks a lot for supporting me so much, I’m really glad to see that people like it.

I have been working on it in full time for two years, and feed myself by doing freelance things, and actually my plan was to release the trailer as the end of full-time development and to find a full time job, then continue it in part-time with a really slow speed, maybe ten years or more.

My plan should disappoint you but by that way it can be less stressful, It’s kind of selfish, but just as Kazer said in the end scene, it’s just for saving myself.
I really haven’t expected that there wopuld be so many people liking it, which makes me hesitate to do as I planned. Actually, it’s a bit stressful right now.

This may disappoint you, but I can’t tell a lie that the game will come out in another 2 years.

Maybe there will be some opportunity in the future, allowing me to finish it within a team or in full-time. But right now I’m tired and want to rest.
Sorry for disappointing  you guys, and thank you again for the encouragement.

There will be updates though.
Thank you again.

Yang Bing




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  • Daruse Sanfstorm

    He's been doing this lot longer than you have Broski. And if he has the entire idea in his head and is capable of Game Designing let him. Stop being such a little bitch. Jelly ass h8r lmaoskixdfp


    Daruse Sanfstorm

    ·4 years ago·
  • Zigan

    I've been developing games and assets with the UE4 engine now for about a year now. With a fulltime job and mostly coming from a 2D/concept artist background it's near impossible to make enough time to learn and succeed with a finished, decent product. After seeing the trailer, i have no idea how he did all this as one person. He must have been doing stuff like this for quite awhile, but it's very impressive. At the same time I think he should use most of this as portfolio work or even sell some of it to the market place. Please don't make a kickstarter on this and make false promises to people. I believe most fans who request such things have never attempted game design in their life. Considering it looks so much like FFXV, selling the theme and idea and insuring copyright I think would be more work than it's worth in the end. Again though, very awesome work here, but thats just my 2 cents.



    ·4 years ago·
  • Ninad

    Something big in the making !! Keep up the good work. Build a good team and complete it asap...I am dying to play it :D And just keep it away from the big companies("contracts"), they will just ruin it...



    ·4 years ago·
  • Tag

    Keep it up the amazing work after
    your break when you done resting have more encounters
    in their like skeleton villains it would look just right more better
    like have them be look like with
    hoods and glowing eyes and black robes have them be evil
    sorceress in the game along with
    the story and stuff that would look
    more better more and polish the
    game more like have hidden secrets in the world.



    ·4 years ago·
  • Vermid

    amazing what he did i hope he find a team to finish it awesome stuff :)



    ·4 years ago·

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