Open-Source Painting Tool for 3D Artists

Have a look at Armory's ArmorPaint, a powerful open-source 3D painting tool with a number of great features. 

ArmorPaint is a standalone tool meant for physically-based texture painting. The tool provides instant visual feedback in the viewport as you paint and then you get textures for PBR-capable engines such as Unreal Engine and Unity.

It's a node-based toolkit which means that the workflow can be quite flexible. It also supports brush nodes that can be used to create painting patterns and procedural brushes.

ArmorPaint was designed to run completely on the GPU, giving a smooth 4K painting experience (up to 16K textures).

The team also wants to add ray-traced baking, painting effects, and viewport rendering. You can learn more about the open-source tool here

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    @Jordan this is literally the second google result for Armour Paint

    It's completely frree and open source but you need to build it yourself, for 16 euros you can download the precompiled binaries. You're just paying for convenience.


    ·2 months ago·

    Very exciting!


    ·23 days ago·

    16 Euros in the US, not free. Not open source either from what I can find (being no source).


    ·2 months ago·

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    ·4 months ago·
  • Urjasvi Suthar
    Well, turn out it doesn't work like that and Haxe isn't "yet again another". If Armorpaint developer was to port to C++ than he will have to re-write whole Armory3D engine which armorpaint runs on and also port ZUI(Intermediate UI library) to c++, and well,  c++ port isn't worth it.


    Urjasvi Suthar

    ·5 months ago·

    First they should port codebase to standard C++ instead of that "yet again another" Haxe language.


    ·5 months ago·

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Open-Source Painting Tool for 3D Artists