Ornatrix 3dsmax V5 Available
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by Trilo Byte
19 hours ago

If you rig your character up as a standard SineSpace avatar and getting it working properly, then any clothing purchased (or that you make) in SineSpace should just work properly (if not, file a bug report). If you're rigging up your Daz3D content as a costume replacement (also known as a bypass avatar, since it bypasses the entire avatar, clothing, and attachment system), then you're on your own.

by ariana pham
20 hours ago

play game happy wheels

by Kaji
1 days ago

Nice article. I would love to know if there is any cloth rigging tutorial or tool/plugin that could solve the typical mesh bleeding issue. For reference, I have issues with getting custom or bought clothes on a custom animated Daz3D Character in Unity. So far, the character looks good and work. The clothes fit in T-Position but once the animation starts, the vertices from the character bleeds through certain parts again and again. I've looked into the bones skin-weights but was not able to see anything to improve there. the problem grows once certain body-morphs alter the character (giving him more weight or muscles)

Ornatrix 3dsmax V5 Available
3 March, 2017
Ornatrix 3dsmax V5 has been released.  The next version of hair, fur, and feathers software comes with tons of new features and improvements. Guide editing workflow, hair data channel management, and groom flexibility are now even better. 

What’s new

  • New parametric guide data modifier for LOD and easy control of groom components
  • Hair from particles object adds another dimension to making hair by tracing any 3dsmax particle system
  • Alembic cache import for applying and layering baked hair animations
  • Strand propagation improvements keep the hair relationships intact down the evaluation pipeline for easier feathers and vegetation
  • Mirroring and brush-specific settings significantly improve brush-based workflow
  • Surface comb sink mirroring and control over shape and rotations make styling fur faster and better
  • Push away from surface modifier keeps the hair out of any object to improve realism
  • Single-button detaching of a groom allows you to edit base surface meshes in any way you like while keeping the hair intact
  • Single-button locking to surface future proofs your grooms and makes rendering consistent across different systems
  • New curve ramp diagrams with presets give you greater control across many Ornatrix parameters
  • Single-button vertex color or guide channel creation makes connecting hair attributes to your object data a snap

There are many more features and fixes to find in V5 change log.

You can get Ornatrix for $499. The update is free for those who got the software in the past 6 months. You can also check out a free demo version. Find more information here

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