Otoy to Change Game Development
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Looks cool,what's the method for rendering animated substance?(Flipbook?)

The plugin is called Hair Grabber and you can find it here:https://gumroad.com/l/GqVoR. It basically has parameters for manipulating cards in a spline manner

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Otoy to Change Game Development
11 March, 2016

Graphics startup Otoy is said to be on the edge of a breakthrough that should help game developers create much more beautiful games that can run across different hardware platforms.

Otoy to change game development with its breakthough

Otoy is said to have ported the CUDA language to run on AMD, Intel, and ARM GPUs for the first time ever, which means any application written in CUDA can run, without modification, on all major chipsets and platforms. While there is an independent GPGPU standard dubbed OpenCL, it isn’t necessarily as good as CUDA as Otoy states. In a nutshell, Otoy reverse-engineered Nvidia’s general purpose graphics processing unit (GPGPU) software, known as CUDA, to run on non-Nvidia hardware. That means that programs written in the CUDA language are no longer exclusive to Nvidia graphics chips. Now they can run on GPUs from Advanced Micro Devices, ARM, and Intel. That means a CUDA program written for the PC could be launched on PlayStation 4 or an Apple iPad.

Jules Urbach, chief executive of Los Angeles-based Otoy states that CUDA language is superior and enables much richer graphics software. This breakthrough is said to be made in 9 weeks.

This is a big breakthrough from our point of view

Jules Urbach

Otoy to change game development with its breakthough

CUDA will save tons of time for all the developers as its code base that can run across a wide variety of PCs, Macs, iOS devices, Android, and other hardware platforms.

We have been able to do this without changing a line of CUDA code, and it runs on AMD chips. You can now program once and take CUDA everywhere. AMD has never really been able to provide an alternative.

Jules Urbach

The tool is said to be available by this summer within the 3.1 release of Octane rendering engine.

Otoy will be building new backends to this framework to allow CUDA to target alternative applications programming interfaces (APIs) such as Vulkan, DirectX, and OpenGL – across Android, Playstation 4 and WebGL 3 The main target is to bring CUDA applications such as Octane to Apple’s Metal GPGPU API on OSX and iOS, where support for OpenCL 2.1, Vulkan, and OpenGL ES compute is noticeably absent as Urbach states

Source: gamesbeat

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