Overwatch Player Accumulated 800 Hours in the Game Without Dealing Any Damage

An old Overwatch account unveils the statistics of an extraordinary pacifist player who managed to complete 800 hours of gameplay without dealing any damage.

Finding pacifist players in first-person shooters is a rarity, especially in titles like Blizzard's Overwatch, where the primary focus revolves around eliminating opponents using a wide array of weapons and abilities. However, there is one player who defied convention by spending a staggering 800 hours in the game without dealing any damage.

Reddit user daytonnnnnn recently brought attention to this intriguing player by sharing a rediscovered screenshot of an original Overwatch account that they took back in 2018. The screenshot reveals a player known only as QB7, who accumulated nearly 800 hours of gameplay without registering a single kill or dealing any damage throughout their entire Overwatch journey.

QB7 amassed 40 million healing throughout thousands of completed matches, and notably, their exclusive focus on healing proved to be quite effective, leading to victory in 2,825 of those matches.

Although QB7's approach is quite unique, their commitment to a pacifist playstyle shows the wide variety of approaches available in the game and the FPS genre in general. The player's focus on healing and non-violence also showcased the viability of alternative tactics that stand out from conventional combat-oriented gameplay.

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