Pack: Adding Sound To Physics In Unreal

Pack: Adding Sound To Physics In Unreal

MNSI is a new Unreal system that lets users add sounds when setting up physical interactions in a way that might remind you of sounds in Half-Life 2.

It is basically an all-in-one sound solution that will help you bring your game to life. Sounds are extremely important, but, unfortunately, developers tend to forget about this part.

  • Light and heavy Impact sound events based on materials
  • Roll and friction sounds based on materials
  • Relative correction
  • Support for Skeletal meshes
  • Roll vs Slide correction
  • Multi-Component support
  • A sound node like a sound library for better organization
  • Sound interaction libraries that are external to the blueprint
  • Various performance optimizations and the ability to create sound detail levels
  • Many workarounds to fix various limitations
  • Dynamic Parameters

The pack is said to feature the core math and blueprint component, as well as a basic sound library of 260 high-quality sounds the author recorded himself.

You can learn more and get the pack here.

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