Packs for Organic Environment Art: Terrain Generator & Cloud Assets

Check out a great tool for procedural terrain creation from Wysilab and a few collections of realistic clouds made in Houdini from screenglow.

1. Instant Terra

Get a terrain creation tool from Wysilab to enhance your procedural workflow. The tool goes in two editions: for terrains up to 8k x 8k and unlimited size. You can also sign up for a 1-month free trial.


  • Ultra-fast procedural terrain creation and export
  • Landscapes of unlimited size and resolution
  • Full compatibility with Unreal, Unity, Maya, Houdini

2. VDB Clouds - Starter Pack

Check out a collection of high-quality clouds from screenglow (Codrut Bolborojan).

This starter collection of 10 clouds will be a good choice if you want to check out screenglow's clouds, their general quality, and how they fit in your style. The pack contains individual renders to preview assets before adding them into the scene and multiple resolutions for both close-ups and background.

3. VDB Clouds Volumes

You can also get extended packs with clouds with the same technical details: high/low resolutions and renders for preview are included and the clouds can be used in any renderer of your choice. All three volumes have 24 VDB clouds each. 

1 of 3
1 of 3
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And if you really liked the clouds from the Starter pack and want to buy the full collection in one go, screenglow offers a mega bundle that includes all three volumes (72 cloud assets):

We're also happy to share our interview with Codrut Bolborojan taken in 2019 in which he talked about the production of these clouds in Houdini:

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    Packs for Organic Environment Art: Terrain Generator & Cloud Assets