Pandarama: The Lost Toys
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7, Mar — 12, Jun
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by jenny
6 hours ago

That is really a great thing for us all.

by Jeff
9 hours ago

I just based my landscape material on this. I just wish I could exactly figure out what is going on with normals, ao and displacement here.

by Christopher Buller
11 hours ago

That was extremely helpful! Thank you!

Pandarama: The Lost Toys
1 February, 2016

The Goonswarm company is starting Pandarama: The Lost Toys on iOS platform. It is a brand new game for children 4+ and their elders.

This story is about panda named Pu, whose measured life is broken through by adventures! One summer day Pu, as always, was chewing reed leaves and playing with his toys, when suddenly… Huge angry bird attacked him, took away the box with toys and threw then all over the Great Bamboo Forest! And the most favorite – rabbit Bunny – the bird took keeped for himself. What should Pu do in this situation? He forgets about his routine, games and goes in a long adventure to get all his lost toys back.


Player helps to panda with that: shows him where to jump from the tree and how to pass through the obstacles on his way to get as much stars as possible and to retrieve the toys on the level. And using device’s tilt player can change a little gravity direction to help panda aim more precisely.

Collect toys, grab stars, and you will necessarily get back kidnapped by angry bird Pu’s most favirite toy – Bunny!


By the way, it is important for Pu to keep himself incognito, to get to the bird as much close as possible. You’ll need to change Pu’s image from time to time, check Customize menu and pick clothes for Pu. He has lots of different costumes.

Game features:
 – fun and simple gameplay
– additional control by tilting device
– 48 smart levels (including 3 bonus levels)
– tons of different physical type obstacles
– tons of clothes, hats, glasses and accessories
– book of achievements of Pu, connected with Apple Game Center
– true story of all Pu’s toys – comic scenario, revealing angry birds’ plans
– and lots of other things In the nearest future t
he Goonswarm company has a plan to start their game at Google play and Windows Phone


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