Photoshop Brushes: 50 High-Quality Splashes
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This is amazing! Please tell us, What programs where used to create these amazing animations?

I am continuing development on WorldKit as a solo endeavor now. Progress is a bit slower as I've had to take a more moderate approach to development hours. I took a short break following the failure of the commercial launch, and now I have started up again, but I've gone from 90 hour work weeks to around 40 or 50 hour work weeks. See my longer reply on the future of WorldKit here: I am hard at work with research and code, and am not quite ready to start the next fund-raising campaign to open-source, so I've been quiet for a while. I hope to have a video out on the new features in the next few weeks.

Someone please create open source world creator already in C/C++.

Photoshop Brushes: 50 High-Quality Splashes
21 December, 2017

Take a look at a brilliant pack of 50 high-quality brushes for designers and digital artists by Eldar Zakirov. The thing is that you can now get the pack for free.  

  • Splash
  • Splatter
  • Blot
  • Smudge
  • Fingerprints
  • Drip-drop

The pack is suitable for all Photoshop versions.

You’ll receive ABR (Adobe Photoshop Brushes file) and a PDF file with a guide to installing the brushes in Photoshop.

Get the pack

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