Physics Painter for Houdini
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by Koenker-Master
4 hours ago

What a shame EA! Fuck off, i go to steam :-)

7 hours ago

Since you are open to discussion and critics i would suggest you to use less aggressive language when you are on the internet. I would try something like, "Hey Cem, this is great material and thanks for the article. As far as i know from 80lvl Facebook group you can improve the performance or you may consider dropping the price. Keep up the good job." It doesn't have to be the same words but this kind of attitude would lead to a softer conversation because your intention will be clear.

8 hours ago Is there any link or video for the cheaper solutions that you mentioned before? Please share them. I haven't seen any cheaper, faster, HD, loopable and adjustable "normal map" flipbook video that you said in your first post. I would be happy to compare the results in realism.

Physics Painter for Houdini
23 April, 2018

Are you looking for cool Houdini tools? Have a look at a goodie called Physics Painter which lets users paint physics objects onto any other object, and simulate gravity. Sounds exciting, right? Let’s study it in detail.

Physics Painter is a Houdini Digital Asset (HDA) that allows users to paint physics objects onto any other object, and simulate gravity. The result of the previous simulation can be fed into a new iteration of a simulation as often as required. The user gets control over a couple of parameters, which allows the user to get their desired result.

The tool can be downloaded as a part of Houdini Game Development Toolset here


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