Planetoid Pioneers: Eight Years in The Making
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Love your stuff! thanks for the info. You achieve surprising graphics using Unity which is great news.

is that images related to coc generals 2? zero hour ?

by Nils Arenz
18 hours ago

@Tristan: I studied computergrafics for 5 years. I'm making 3D art now since about half a year fulltime, but I had some experience before that. Its hard to focus on one thing, it took me half a year to understand most of the vegetation creation pipelines. For speeding up your workflow maybe spend a bit time with the megascans library. Making 3D vegetation starts from going outside for photoscanns to profiling your assets. Start with one thing and master this. @Maxime: The difference between my technique and Z-passing on distant objects is quiet the same. (- the higher vertex count) I would start using this at about 10-15m+. In this inner radius you are using (mostly high) cascaded shadows, the less the shader complexety in this areas, the less the shader instructions. When I started this project, the polycount was a bit to high. Now I found the best balance between a "lowpoly" mesh and the less possible overdraw. The conclusion of this technique is easily using a slightly higher vertex count on the mesh for reducing the quad overdraw and shader complexity. In matters visual quality a "high poly" plant will allways look better than a blade of grass on a plane.

Planetoid Pioneers: Eight Years in The Making
24 July, 2017

Planetoid Pioneers is an interesting take on the classic Metroidvania formula. It’s completely physics-based, it’s got a bunch of features, including co-op, crafting, combat, exploration, huge asteroids with mazes, and user-generated content. Most importantly it has been developed for over 8 years! Data Realms sure took the time, but it’s nice to see the project finally available.

Data Realms is a company, which created Cortex Command – awesome real-time tactical action, which is so great, you should be ashamed for not playing it (if you did play it – we’re proud of you!). Anyway, the developers who developed this game, also worked at THQ, Rockstar, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, and Pixar Animation Studios. They really like to tinker with their tech, and build very smooth and engaging gameplay.

With Planetoid Pioneers the team decided to build a prequel to Cortex Command – a neat 2d project with delightful animation, physical-based gameplay, complex level design.

At the end of lives lengthened by medical advancements, centuries-old men and women leave Earth for one last epic adventure. Empowered by cutting-edge weapons and technologies such as an advanced 3D printing tool that can rebuild everything they come across – including their own bodies – these Pioneers enjoy creatively overcoming challenges while exploring the Asteroid Belt beyond the orbit of Mars. (

The game comes with a bunch of content, including half a dozen planetoids, each offering completely different game modes populated with vehicles, creatures, robots, items, and weapons. Plus there will be an editor, which helps users to generate their own content. These tools were actually available to the community for a couple of month, so fans had a lot of time to build new stuff. The editor is pretty powerful and you can create some astonishing stuff with it.

Planetoid Pioneers utilizes a proprietary custom physics engine and toolset, called Crush2D, developed by Data Realms for this and future titles. Planetoid Pioneers Game-Only Edition costs just $9.99 USD. There’s also a Contributor Edition, which is a bit more expensive. If you want to know more about the game, check out the official website.

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