Play Tomb Raider Remade in UE4
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by Alvar Lagerlöf
9 hours ago

Dammit. Not again. This is path tracing not Ray tracing. Ray tracing is practically an hybrid scam. This is the real stuff, the stuff from Disney and Pixar movies. Stop helping Nvidia sell ray tracing. It's not good.

Link is down

Play Tomb Raider Remade in UE4
1 September, 2017

Gamers had their fair share of wonderful remakes of Tomb Raider. This series was remastered, relaunched and remade a couple of times. But it seems like this is not nearly enough for Nicobass – a devoted series fan of Lara Croft, who decided to remake the second part of the series with the help of Unreal Engine 4.

The game has been in development for quite some time. Today, as Kotaku reported, we can finally download the demo of the project. The game looks very neat: beautifully lit environments, authentic animations, great materials, underwater exploration, climbing. Really nice work.

We’re pretty much sure Square Enix is going to kill this project sooner than later, so if you want to check things out, better hurry up.

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