PlayStation 5 to Use AMD's Navi Graphics Architecture
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PlayStation 5 to Use AMD's Navi Graphics Architecture
17 June, 2018

It appears that AMD’s upcoming Navi graphics architecture was built specifically for Sony’s PlayStation 5. Different sources state that more than 5o percent of the company’s stuff is now focused on the project.

PlayStation 5 might also feature AMD’s Zen core as the basis for its CPU component, which is not surprising considering the current-gen console transition to x86 architecture and the way it benefited games development. Zen offers superb efficiency and high performance with a relatively small silicon footprint, so that would be a perfect fit for the upcoming console. 

Xbox and PlayStation are both important to AMD according to the company’s 2017 financial report, which states that Sony and Microsoft agreements each account for 10 percent of the firm’s entire revenue. “A loss of any of these customers would have a material adverse effect on our business,” the report points out. Indeed, Add AMD’s deal with HP and you’ll get 44 percent of the giant’s overall net revenues. 

“You may later on see something that looks very much like a console GPU as a discrete GPU, but that’s then being very familiar with the design and taking inspiration from the console GPU. So the similarity, if you see one, is actually the reverse of what you’re thinking,” Mark Cerny told Eurogamer during his briefing of the PlayStation 4 Pro hardware.

Still, the news is yet to be confirmed, so we’ll have to wait in order to get more details on the upcoming console. 


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