PlayStation Creator Rejects the Idea of the Metaverse

The father of PlayStation Ken Kutaragi dismissed the metaverse concept along with VR headsets, saying that he doesn't see a point of "making quasi-real in the virtual world".

The former chairman and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment Ken Kutaragi objected to the idea of the metaverse being the next major step in the tech industry. According to Kutaragi, the concept itself along with the headsets that are supposed to bring people to the metaverse world rather divide than draw the real and the virtual worlds together.

“Being in the real world is very important, but the metaverse is about making quasi-real in the virtual world, and I can’t see the point of doing it,” said the PlayStation inventor in an interview with Bloomberg. He also compared the metaverse's concept of avatars to anonymous messaging on forums, implying that the idea will interfere with the possibility to be real selves.

Ken Kutaragi created Sony Group Corp.’s video game business in 1993, and currently, he is the president and CEO of Cyber AI Entertainment as well as CEO of Ascent Robotics Inc., a Japanese artificial intelligence startup. The Ascent's idea is to unify the real world and cyberspace using robotic systems that will help transform real-world objects into computer-readable data.

While the major companies like Meta, Apple, and Sony are moving towards the metaverse developing VR headsets, Kutaragi believes that "headsets would isolate [people] from the real world" and disagrees with that taking another direction – his mission is to make the blend of the real and the virtual world in a seamless, gadget-less way.

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  • Anonymous user

    Well, we already separated from reality to some degree. Further tech gonna make it easier. But will we only have downsides? and if headsets/glasses are no good, then what else? (Neuralink?)


    Anonymous user

    ·4 months ago·

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