Preflight Plugin for 3DS Max
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by Nate Lane
5 min ago

Awesome breakdown Simon!

I have always wanted a Barret Tiff precull. There is a lot stories left to tell before they all meet. They greyscale image would look great as a figure as well.

I can't get this to work! *cries* I tried on my windows computer, my chrome book and I cant get it on my ipad. what do I do?? how do I get it? I downloaded it to my chrome book, and my windows but all it did was leave a file that was empty.

Preflight Plugin for 3DS Max
23 October, 2018

Sini Software has presented a new beta plugin for 3DS Max that is said to check and prepare models before export to Unreal Engine. Preflight is meant for archviz artists who want to export directly to Unreal or use Epic’s own Unreal Studio Datasmith tool to convert scenes.

“Preflight is the fastest way to check and fix 3D models, giving users an automated way to execute complex tasks with the ability to run or skip. This allows users to quickly complete the checklist and export with confidence that they have checked the model integrity, thereby removing any model issues once imported into Unreal,” states the description. 

The tool is distributed as a part of SiNi’s Ignite toolset, for £12.50 a month, or as a part of their All Access suite with SiClone, ProxSi, Scatter, and DiSperse for £15 a month. You can learn more on the SiNi Software website.

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