Prince of Persia: Warrior Within Built with UE4
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by juaxix
4 hours ago

I'm in!!

by Arzach
8 hours ago

Trying to steal Vray's thunder.

I'm gonna wait for Steam version

Prince of Persia: Warrior Within Built with UE4
30 January, 2017
Jake Missing created an awesome scene, which takes the iconic game into a new technical dimension.

3d environment artist Jake Missing has recently shared a little video of his new scene, which sort of tries to show, how Prince of Persia: Warrior Within would look in Unreal Engine 4. In short, it would look absolutely stunning. There’s some wonderful light, some nice architectural design and a magical sandstorm in the center. There are no characters, not a lot of details.

We guess Jake was going to build it a little further later, but at this point it still looks interesting and sort of gives a little taste of what an upgraded and remastered Prince of Persia might look like (if Ubisoft will use UE4, which most likely won’t happen).

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