Procedural Asphalt Pack
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it is really frustrating that half the article was posted and i cannot view the end of this article, every possible link on the page refers to the same url and that url is password protected. creation of a gametextures account will not get you access to the end of this page so don't hand them paypal info like I did just go blunder off through a youtube tutorial rather than this good-old-boy referral page

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Great read, thanks for the effort.

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Very inspirational. I'm 26 and I'm studying by my ownself. Good luck in your carreer. ;)

Procedural Asphalt Pack
27 November, 2017

Christopher Alencar has released a material that contains various combinations of traffic lanes, including highway mode. The pack will allow you to create variations of cracked tracks, street with holes, modify the color of the asphalt, add cracks, and more. 

The asphalt has several variations, in it you can control asphalt smoothness, asphalt color, different track ranges, including road mode for some of them, color of all yellow / white changing bands, position of holes and size, among other functions!

Christopher Alencar 

The pack features a .sbsar file and a small tutorial on using it.

You need to have Unity 2017.2 or Substance Plugin for Unreal in order to use it.

Get the pack for $5

Source: Gumroad

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