Procedural CRT Filter for SD
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Thanks for sharing!

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this is god damn amazing

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Procedural CRT Filter for SD
21 June, 2018

Cem Tezcan has shared an adjustable procedural CRT filter that can be used inside Substance Painter to give any base color a look of a CRT screen. Do you know the best thing? It is free! 

Input Images:

  • Required – Screen Image (As basecolor)
  • Optional – Custom Dirt Map 

Adjustment Parameters:

  • CRT Type
  • Scanline Intensity
  • Phosphor Tile
  • Phosphor Opacity
  • Glitch Intensity
  • Horizontal Warp Intensity
  • White Noise Intensity
  • Emissive Intensity
  • Screen Dirt Intensity
  • Base Roughness
  • Custom Dirt On/Off

You can learn more here.

Get the filter

Source: Gumroad

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