Procedural Gold Mirror in Substance Designer
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by Joshua Robbins
30 min ago

Incredible, I love this so much. I'm glad someone out there decides to go make older games like this in newer engines. Great work!

Firstly,Amazing work !! But a doubt..for the background thing mentioned of using a mesh with zero edges which helps out in covering up the repetition process..what is it?..any detailed description please.

by Valerie Lynn Milano
22 hours ago

Quite fantastic. I am a friend of Grayson Wixom and have an entertainment publication and am trying to get one of my journalists to interview you.

Procedural Gold Mirror in Substance Designer
25 July, 2018

Safwen Laabidi revealed his awesome gold mirror, which is a procedural material created in Substance Designer. Basically, this is another great example of the Designer’s power. The artist has also used V-Ray for the renders to test non-PBR workflow.  

Hello as always I am trying to learn Designer which is a pretty awesome tool. This time, I tried to make a fully procedural mirror but I wanted to render it in V-Ray, not Marmoset to see if it can be as realistic for non-PBR workflow.

Safwen Laabidi

And here is a little breakdown:

You can learn more here.

Source: ArtStation

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