Proceed – A Procedurally Generated 2D Exploration
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Very impressive article Jake! You are very talented.

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21 hours ago

nice article! i love seeing the breakdowns.

Proceed - A Procedurally Generated 2D Exploration
19 May, 2017
A small team from Belfast is working on a new 2D action game with a focus on survival and exploration called Proceed. Set across a procedurally generated universe, it is a single player experience, which will give you a chance to play as an Artificial Intelligence, built as an aide for the survival and expansion of the human race.

In a period of rapid growth and dwindling natural resources, you will be the last hope for the future of Planet Earth. You’ll have to do something to advance the human race on Earth: manage resource usage and technological research, and explore across the Universe. 

The thing here is that the worlds you explore are generated using libraries of hand-painted artwork the developers created beforehand and clever programming to bring them to life.

Key Features

  • An Infinite universe, just for you – filled with bizarre creatures & deadly opposing AI’s
  • A deep focus on upgrades – start out frustratingly weak and slow. Upgrade your technology, weapons, engine, and lots more.
  • Day / Night cycles and dynamic weather patters, many of which are deadly
  • More ways to play. Form a exploration strategy with a variety of up-gradable droids. The balanced Mech with a booster pack. The heavy duty rover tank with massive firepower or the nimble drone. (More on this below)

The guys are going to launch their Kickstarter campaign on June 8th, but they need support on Thunderclap to make this a reality. You can find more information on the official website

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