Props For Retro Eighties
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Wow, the YouTube video was released in November. How have I never seen it before? I've probably watched it three times in the past hour. It's an absolutely amazing production. What was the budget for this?

Props For Retro Eighties
9 January, 2018

Have a look at a huge pack of assets, maps, materials, blueprints, and effects for the creation of retro scenes. The set was created by Dekogon Studios for realistic AAA quality visuals, style, and budget.


  • 60 Meshes
  • Most assets with moveable parts come in both individual pieces and whole clumped assets for ease of use
  • Most assets with transparency come with an alternative version without transparency
  • High quality texture sets 2048 pixels+
  • Master material set up that control the majority of all props and models
  • Channel packed Roughness | Metalness | Ambient Occlusion | Emissive
  • Retro Cinematic Post Process and Look Up Table
  • Free of all legal issues as all branding and labels are custom made by our studio
  • Fully enclosed models and detailed from all sides
  • Less than 60 cents a mesh!

Texture Sizes:

2048 [67] 1024 [8] 512 [9] 256 [1] 128 [3]

Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes

Collision: Yes/automatically generated

Vertex Count: 71858 total meshes

Get the pack for $33.99

Source: Cubebrush

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Thanks for the callout guys <3