Sketchfab: Publish and Embed Interactive 3D Models Anywhere
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Sketchfab: Publish and Embed Interactive 3D Models Anywhere
16 September, 2015

Sketchfab is the first web service to publish interactive 3D content online in real-time without plugin and allows 3D artists to show their 3D models as they are meant to be seen. Corentin Metgy, Head of Business Development at Sketchfab, goes into detail about Sketchfab and how makes it easy to embed a 3D viewer of your 3D model onto almost any platform.


Sketchfab is a platform for publishing 3D content online. You can create an account, upload your 3D models, and visualize those 3D models directly in the browser without any plugin. You can embed and share them on platforms like Tumblr, WordPress, Bēhance, Facebook, Kickstarter, LinkedIn, deviantART.

What YouTube has done for videos and SoundCloud did for musicians, we do for creators of 3D content. We have more than 400,000 3D models on the platform. This content is very different. We have biologists using Sketchfab to showcase molecules in 3D, architects that use us to show buildings, and archaeologists for 3D scans of ancient artifacts. Many game designers use us for game assets and we have animation support. We also support 28 different native 3D formats.


Durotan Normal Skin by Tim Moreels on Sketchfab

*Controls: Zoom in/out with the mouse wheel. Left click for rotation. Right click for movement* 

Sketchfab is the easiest way to publish content online from a software. We are natively integrated in Photoshop, Blender, MODO, and we have plugins for 3ds Max, Maya, and other 3D content creation tools.

This allows 3D artists to publish their content onto the web and Facebook in one click directly from from their software. You can embed your 3D viewer anywhere on the web just like how you can do it with a YouTube video. Just copy and paste a Sketchfab link and you will see the 3D viewer directly in the news feed.

We integrate in most platforms. For example, let’s say you are a 3D artist and you’re on ArtStation, a platform for showcasing your portfolio and a great community of 3D artists. Some 3D artists use Sketchfab to show their work in 3D in ArtStation.

The Vision

Creature Walk Cycle by Kyan0s on Sketchfab

The vision is to build a bridge between today’s web and tomorrow’s AR and VR platforms. So from any webpage you’ll be able to switch to VR mode and visualize the Sketchfab content with an Oculus.

We’re one of 12 partners of Microsoft’s HoloLens. That means you’ll be able to visualize all of Sketchfab’s content directly as a hologram. We also work with companies like HP and HTC. So let’s say you go to and you visualize a smartphone in 3D on their webpage. Maybe later down the line if you have the correct device you can take it out of the webpage and visualize it as a hologram before buying the product.

Views on 3D Industry

The 3D industry is just at the beginning and it’s going to change how we communicate and visualize content. This is very exciting and anyone interested in working in the industry should do it, and the ones who are currently in the industry should be very excited to be working in this space.


Corentin Metgy, Head of Business Development, Sketchfab

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