Pulldownit 4.5 for 3DS Max

Pulldownit 4.5 for 3DS Max

Thinkinetic presented Pulldownit 4.5 for 3DS Max, the new version of its shatter and destruction plugin.

New features: 

  • An improved Alembic exporter with several advantages over 3ds Max’s built-in version including: Combine all selected objects as a single cached Alembic mesh. It also has an option to exclude non-animated objects in selection from being exported, an option to skip Jaggy-faces from being exported to get a lighter cache file, an option to auto load the cache file with original materials applied, an option to hide/delete original objects and the ability to replace cache files with original keyframed nodes if needed.
  • Hi-poly animated meshes are said to be up to 2x times faster to update in dynamics. Moreover, animated or deforming meshes are now updated faster during simulation when including them as kinematic objects in destruction scenes.
  • A new “Increase Selection” option for easier clusters creation.
  • An “Only Breaks” fracture option to capture larger cracks and detachments. The model is forced to stand while being impacted, behavior has been improved to generate larger cracks and detachments that don’t jeopardize the overall structure.
  • The ability to change propagation schemes per frame.
  • The ability to recompute rigid bodies with baked keys in dynamics.
  • The Manage PDI World Window is now modeless, so users can interact in the viewport while this window is open.
  • A new option to show/hide/select all disabled rigid bodies in the scene.

Pulldownit would cost you €395. Learn more on the Thinkinetic blog.

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    Pulldownit 4.5 for 3DS Max