PurePolygons: Procedural Nature Pack Vol. 2

PurePolygons: Procedural Nature Pack Vol. 2

Create entire nature environments, from winter to summer, whatever you can imagine procedurally.

PurePolygons has released the second Procedural Nature Pack. The project allows you to easily switch between summer and winter scenes by swapping materials and changing some settings. One minute and your grass turns into snow. 
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Check out the official description:


The amount of snow build up on assets can be globally changed easily from no snow to a frozen wasteland by using the provided Blueprint and Swappable Landscape Materials. Includes falling Snow FX, that change with the wind direction and intensity using the same Blueprint. All of the snow uses high quality subsurface materials, with detail maps, and tessellation that can be turned on or off and adjusted in the material instances.

Ice, Water, and Wind:

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Ice can be procedurally generated on top of water and lakes in real time! The water can also be set to have a translucent or opaque surface. With blendable edges at the shoreline, custom depth, water color, and a rippling surface that changes direction with the wind!

Trees + Foliage:

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A completely revamped Spline Tree Generator. You now have the option to customize each branch type individually on trees to allow for more unique outcomes. Or keep it simple and set master parameters for all of your branch types easily. As well as the ability to use and infinite number “Random Seed Values” now to prevent the tree branches from randomizing as you move the splines around. Customize them to your liking or copy and paste them all over! It’s even more powerful when you start swapping things with your own assets to make any type of tree you want! Lowpoly Distant Pine Tree AlphaCards are also included for views of the distance mountains and landscapes without hurting performance.

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Technical Details

  • Demo scene to show use of assets and placement in a final looking scene
  • Overview scene to show again more variations of assets and uses of the blueprints and materials
  • Spline Generated trees, branches, roads, and more!
  • Procedurally Generated Snow Build-up on assets
  • Procedural Realtime Ice Formation on water and lakes
  • Procedural Water surface with changing ripple direction and intensity based off of wind
  • Procedural Falling snow FX with scalable wind speed, direction, and intensity
  • Lowpoly Pine Tree Alpha Cards included for environment background
  • Terrain blended materials
  • Turn tessellation on or off for almost all assets
  • Paint foliage in engine with the Unreal foliage tools
  • Over 200 Total (UE4 Content Files)
  • Over 70 Textures
  • Over 60 Materials, Functions, and Parameters
  • Over 50 Meshes
  • Optimized assets with scaleable quality features inside of the material instances
  • All of the necessary assets have LOD’s that cut the geo down by at least half at each LOD
  • Assets range between (2 Tri’s – 220,000 Tri’s)
  • Average Texture size of 4096×4096 with some reaching up to 8k. Feel free to scale these for quality and performance
  • Generally include (Albedo Map, Specular, Roughness, AO, and Displacement map)

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