Quixel Suite 2.3.2 Released
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Thanks! What is your CPU and amount of RAM? I'm thinking of getting an Intel Core i7-8750H and 16GB of Ram.

by sanek94cool
2 hours ago

What Bikmambetov is going to do there? He can only share how to make stupid movies :)

This would be so much more interesting if they'd offer help with housing and integration with a crash course in Japanese. Having some knowledge of the Japanese language and culture should be a pre but in my honest opinion, not a must. That would make this job hunt a much more relevant subject of interest.

Software & Tools
Quixel Suite 2.3.2 Released
5 December, 2017

Quixel today may be all about Megascans, but the company still updates its SUITE project. Most recently the newest version Quixel Suite 2.3.2 has been released. You can access this update by launching Quixel Suite or by opening the Suite toolbar menu and selecting the Launcher option! No Mac support, though.

Image credits: Quixel’s Jonathan Holmes

Notable changes:

– Compatibility with Photoshop 2018
– Tons of bug fixes and speed improvements
– Updated materials with three new Base Materials and 11 new Masking Patterns
– Improved DynaMask base presets
– Updated Arnold export preset
– All metal materials have been tweaked to nearly perfect accuracy (big thanks to

Full changelog:

– Tons of bug-fixes and speed improvements overall.
– Added support for PS 2018
– Updated ‘Arnold’ export preset to new specifications
– Highly improved accuracy of all metal colors
– 3 new base materials
– 11 new masking patterns
– Improved usability of Dynamask default presets
– Material Creator now runs with post-processing off by default to improve performance
– Fixed an issue Importing some Megascans assets due to floating point culture variations on some machines
– Fixed a memory leak caused by minimizing/restoring 3DO.
– Fixed broken links in some materials/smart materials
– Fixed bug where switching mesh groups would choose the default tab instead of the chosen tab (map e.g. Albedo, Normal) from the previous meshgroup.
– Deleting maps from DDO now puts them in the Recycle Bin instead of permanently deleting them.
– Fixed DDO bug where multiple paint layers weren’t generating correct color masks for 3DO’s paint system if the layer painted on had only one paint layer above it.
– Fixed Unity 5’s export presets to include Opacity as part of the Albedo map’s Alpha channel.
– Fixed bug with AO exports in 16-bit projects.
– 3DO: Fixed issue where painting would sometimes not reflect back to Photoshop
– 3DO: Fixed UI size for Ultra-wide resolutions
– 3DO: added a UI scaler slider in top-right menu
– 3DO: Fixed Post-process panel not showing correctly on various resolutions
– 3DO: Fixed mesh pivot issues when re-importing via 3DO’s Importer.


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Finally! I’ve been hoping to get an update in the suite for a while since Substance has been rolling out the updates and improvements lately. Hopefully we can get more and bigger updates in the future.

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