RailClone 5 for 3ds Max Released

iToo Software released an update for RailClone – a parametric modeling tool for 3ds Max.

RailCloud 5 introduces new banking controls, a system for distributing lights and non-geometric objects, and several caching options to improve performance.

New Banking Controls

Using the RC Spline modifier, it is now possible to twist and turn geometry around a spline. Interpolating the value from one end of the spline to another, users can now change the banking angle as well as override it for each spline segment. Easy-to-edit viewpoint gizmos also help to create and deform complex tracks.

Lights and Groups Distribution

Introduced in Forest Pack 7, light scattering is now possible in RailClone 5, too, allowing to distribute thousands of lights and other non-geometric objects. Moreover, users can distribute groups of meshes and non-geometric objects. Now, it is possible to group and distribute both a lamppost and the light, for example.

Notably, when using other renderers, objects are inserted into the scene before rendering and removed after completion.

New Caching Options

There are now new options to cache objects, which improve performance without converting the geometry to an editable poly object or native instances.

It is now possible to cache the RailClone object directly in the scene, which will reduce calculation times but will make the file bigger. Alternatively, users can save the cache to an external file, which allows them to load the cache multiple times or use it in a different scene.

Other Features

Other changes include new Adaptive Evenly modes, which distribute objects evenly along a spline, making it possible to space odd and even numbers of objects.

The latest update also introduces a new parameter type – Selector – which allows showing parameters in the Modify panel as drop-down lists along with numeric parameters.

In addition, now users are not limited to one material ID while distributing geometry along a spline, it is possible to assign several IDs or a range.


RailClone 5 is available for 3ds Max 2013 and later versions. A new license starts from $275. It is also available as a free Lite version. You can read about the differences between the versions here.

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