Raising Hell in Inner Chains with UE4
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Raising Hell in Inner Chains with UE4
3 April, 2017
Tomasz Strzalkowski from Telepaths’ Tree, a game studio behind Inner Chains, talked to Epic Games about the upcoming hellish horror game. This UE4 project presents a dark world where the biological and the mechanical have become inseparable. The artworks of Tomasz (which you can check out here) defined the world of the game, making it hopeless and abandoned. The interview focuses on the game’s style and the reasons for choosing Unreal Engine 4.

Most people on our team had previously worked with Unreal Engine 3, so it was a pretty obvious choice for us. UE4 is a powerful engine that offers immense possibilities. We also appreciate the good support and frequent updates that meet our expectations.

Blueprints are simply priceless. They significantly speed up the work on the game and offer nearly the same results as traditional programming with less effort and fewer developers in roughly the same time. Without them, work on Inner Chains would have taken much longer to complete and would have required many more resources.

Tomasz Strzalkowski

The team of Telepaths’ Tree is full of game development veterans, so we’re sure they have what it takes to bring something new to this well-known mix of horror and first-person shooter. Make sure to read the full interview here

Source: Epic Games

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