Ready At Dawn at GDC18: Shifting to VR
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Kyiv UA   22, Sep — 23, Sep
Valletta MT   23, Sep — 29, Sep
24, Sep — 27, Sep
Tokyo JP   25, Sep — 27, Sep
San Diego US   27, Sep — 30, Sep
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Super taf! ;)

Ready At Dawn at GDC18: Shifting to VR
13 April, 2018

Check out a presentation by Ready At Dawn’s Art Director Nathan Phail-Liff on the way the studio shifted from AAA console games to working on VR projects. VR is a whole other story, so how did the team decide to step into the unknown? Let’s find out.

VR as a medium represents a pretty large shift in both game development as well as artistic production practices. Going from AAA console games to creating Lone Echo required letting go of a lot of previously held beliefs, making a lot of mistakes, and ultimately leaning into the things that are so powerful and unique about VR.

From achieving a high degree of player presence and immersion, gearing artistic design towards putting comfort at the forefront, and pushing the expectations of visual fidelity under daunting performance targets, this session touches on a number of the challenges and lessons learned through the process, as well as what we found so exciting about the medium, from both an artistic and creative standpoint.

Ready At Dawn 

You can download the full 85-slide presentation here


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