Rob Bredow on Using AI for VFX

Rob Bredow discussed the current situation and the way ILM works in it, shared his view on the use of AI for visual effects, and talked about the future of deep fakes in Hollywood.

In the interview, head of ILM and Executive Creative Director Rob Bredow discussed the lockdown, how ILM works during it, and the changes in virtual production.

He also dived into the details of The Mandalorian production, web television series on Disney+ that Rob worked on together with Jon Favreau, discussed StageCraft, the tool they relied on, and new technologies in the industry, in general.

Talking about VFX approaches and techniques, he briefly mentioned The Irishman and the de-aging technology that was used there and focused on its future improvements.

More flexibility on the rigging, meaning more ease of use on set, continued improvement to that. That goes for everything from how much the camera weighs to its physical dimensions. But we also want to be getting even higher-quality data from the set so that we can represent the actor's performance in even greater fidelity. And then on the digital side, there's just constant innovation in all the little details that make a digital human look as believable as possible. Everything from the way the skin moves, as it interpolates between the different shapes, to the subtle details of how we continue to shade that skin.

Rob Bredow via interview

Read the full interview here.

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