Rumor: Microsoft to Acquire Obsidian
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by Delip Huges
4 hours ago

There are AwesomeBump that is written in QT and do not require .NET Framework and has code open.

by Sergey
6 hours ago

Интересно, не понятно зачем, но круто. Я бы хотел поучаствовать в проекте

9 hours ago

Already have ndo, b2m, knald, and others.. Why another one?

Rumor: Microsoft to Acquire Obsidian
9 October, 2018

Kotaku says, that Microsoft is finalizing the details as we speak. Obsidian does not comment.

Kotaku, quoting some unnamed people close to the situation, reported that Microsoft is finalizing the acquisition of Obsidian Entertainment. It’s confirmed, but the informers believe that it’s nearly done: “90% finished”. Microsoft and Obsidian do not comment on the report.

Pillars of the Eternity 2

You might think to yourself: “Why on Earth would Obsidian do this?” Well, to answer this question we strongly suggest reading a book Blood, Sweat, and Pixels: The Triumphant, Turbulent Stories Behind How Video Games Are Made by Jason Schreier (who’s actually the one who reported this news), and specifically the chapter about Pillars of Eternity. Apparently making games isn’t cheap, and having a publisher with a lot of money is kind of a big benefit.

In 2017 Obsidian Entertainment revealed the development of their next project (another RPG), which will be published by Private Division, a label of 2K Games. Maybe Microsoft jumped in on this contract when  Private Division started to back out? No idea. I guess, we’ll know soon enough.


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