Scanning an Entire Mountain Range with RealityCapture & UE5

Clinton Jones has released a new video that explains how he managed to turn a mountain range into a unique custom asset.

Director and 3D VFX Artist Clinton Jones, a.k.a. Pwnisher, has released a new video that showcases a new monumental project the artist has been working on recently. This time, the artist has managed to scan an entire mountain range using RealityCapture, Capturing Reality's photogrammetry software application, and turn the scans into a customizable master material with Unreal Engine 5.

In this video, the author revealed the entire aerial photogrammetry process with a drone, shared some very important tips on scanning on-location, broke down post-process in RealityCapture, went over stitching the data set together, meshing the point cloud, and baking hi-resolution textures to a simplified mesh, and demonstrated final scans in Unreal Engine 5 after building a customizable master material.

You can check out more of Clinton's awesome projects here.

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