Scene Fusion Launches Support for Collaborative VR Editing in Unity EditorXR
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Scene Fusion Launches Support for Collaborative VR Editing in Unity EditorXR
5 December, 2017

Scene Fusion, a GoogleDocs-type level design collaboration tool for game developers, has been upgraded to support collaborative VR editing within Unity using EditorXR, as well as to support all of the new features within Unity 2017.2.

KinematicSoup Technologies, the company behind Scene Fusion, is working to support the most powerful and popular tools used by game developers. Scene Fusion 1.0 was launched in November 2016, eliminating the serialized processes that slow down most game developers today. Following up on several recent improvements, the newly released version 1.7 improves the stability of the collaboration tool, and adds several new features, as well.

Updates to Scene Fusion include:

  • EditorXR / VR Editing Support. Unity developers using Scene Fusion will be able to edit levels in VR, allowing real-time collaboration with other developers from across the hall or across the globe.

  • Unity 2017.2 Support. Scene Fusion now supports the latest version of Unity and all of its features, including the newly improved 2D world building tools and 2D Tilemap feature.

  • Speed and Reliability. A number of core architectural changes have been made to improve speed, reliability and overall usability.

“We are excited to offer EditorXR support to Scene Fusion”, says John Goodale, KinematicSoup’s Chief Marketing Officer. “Countless studios have discovered the benefits of Scene Fusion, some telling us that it has cut their development time and enabled them to create and ship their games up to 50% faster.”

In a recent blog post by Unity Labs, they said of the updated Scene Fusion, “Not only is it an incredible technical achievement, it’s pretty magical to work on a scene together in Unity. We are constantly surprising ourselves with how much better it is to work collaboratively in an actual 3D scene, in XR. It’s also a whole lot of fun.”

To learn more about Scene Fusion, visit this page

KinematicSoup Technologies Inc. aims to provide game developers with innovative tools to enhance collaboration, reduce development time, and increase ROI. Their Scene Fusion platform is designed to deliver a high impact collaborative development environment within the Unity editor. For more information on KinematicSoup, visit their website.

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