Scene Fusion Teams Up With Probuilder3D

Scene Fusion Teams Up With Probuilder3D

Tools for game developers have entered a new era.

Tools for game developers have entered a new era. Scene Fusion, the most powerful level design collaboration tool available, has teamed up with the most powerful in-Unity asset Probuilder3D to become the fastest in-engine asset creation solution available!

KinematicSoup Technologies, the company behind Scene Fusion, is working to support the most powerful and popular tools used by game developers. Scene Fusion 1.0 was launched in November 2016, and has expanded in capability ever since. Scene Fusion has direct support for VR as well as a growing number of plug-ins for Unity3D.

Scene Fusion is currently available for Unity3D, and provides level designers with the ability to collaborate in real-time. Hundreds of studios have discovered the benefits of Scene Fusion, which reduces months of work to mere weeks, and enables studios to create and ship their games up to 33% faster.

ProBuilder3D provides a fast and easy mechanism to generate 3D content directly within Unity, without the need for external tools. It enables extremely rapid prototyping as well as completed model design, with powerful geometry generation and texturing tools.

“ProBuilder3D is one of the most pre-eminent tools available for game developers to use to accelerate their content creation process. We are excited to be bringing direct support for ProBuilder to Scene Fusion. We believe that tools like Scene Fusion and ProBuilder are the future of the game development process. We look forward to working with the folks at Procore3D to extend Scene Fusion support to their entire toolset.”

Justin McMichael, CEO, KinematicSoup Technologies Inc.

“We are excited to be included in KinematicSoup’s efforts for Scene Fusion. We believe that ProBuilder combined with superior collaboration will provide studios with a significant advantage in terms of development timelines. We share a vision where better tools make game developers’ lives easier, enabling them to make even better games!”

Gabriel W., ProCore3D

To learn more about Scene Fusion, visit this website. .

For more information about ProBuilder3D and other tools created by ProCore3D, follow this link.

KinematicSoup Technologies Inc. aims to provide game developers with innovative tools to enhance collaboration, reduce development time, and increase ROI. Their Scene Fusion platform is designed to deliver a high impact collaborative development environment within the Unity editor. For more information on KinematicSoup, visit their website.


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  • Justin

    Watch Scene Fusion and ProBuilder in action together here:



    ·3 years ago·
  • Antony

    ProBuilder has been a godsend for our project, nice to see it getting some air time!



    ·3 years ago·

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Scene Fusion Teams Up With Probuilder3D