Search Plugin for Substance Designer

Have a look at an excellent free plugin by Olivier Lau extending the search capabilities of Substance Designer.

While developing his Hair & Fur project (read our interview), the artist had to look up for specific variables and he realized that a search tool would be a lifesaver. "SD has no search capabilities over multiple package functions, they have to be searched one by one," noted the developer. "Initially I only wanted to search for variables into functions, but I ended up searching for more items and the result is this plugin."

Use cases

  • Search for terms in frames or comments, input parameters, variable names, graph names, function names etc. in multiple packages / graphs / folders / functions at once.
  • Determine which graph parameters have custom functions.
  • Determine which areas are left to be worked on or temporary and need to be removed before production using TODO and TMP markers.
  • Find specific variables/input parameters into functions including package functions involved in cooking errors.
  • Find places where specific variables are being assigned (Set) and retrieved (Get) in functions.

You can learn more and get the plugin for free here

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