Secrets behind the new God of War
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Secrets behind the new God of War
22 June, 2016

The new God of War’s E3 stage demo was full of secrets. What’s happened to Kratos after the events of the first trilogy? How did he end up with the new family? And while most of us were amazed by the beautiful game, a NeoGAF user spotted three things Kratos might go up against in his new adventure.

The first is a ghost, which shows up after Kratos battle with two enemies. As he walks through some arches, the figure can be spotted on the right hand side, just as it zooms off the screen to the right. Watch the video at around 3:45 or gif below.

The second creature is seen flying and holding a stick after the troll fight. It can be seen in the top right corner at around 6:45 in E3’s demo. Check out GIF below.

Sometimes, river might actually be the World Serpent. That’s the case with the last one, which might point to an “epic” boss fight with the World Serpent, Jörmungandr. This creature look gigantic and can be seen around 9:15.

Source: NeoGAF

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