Setting Up One-Shot Sequences
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Thanks, Allar! Good luck with your new project!

Who just carries around $250.000 worth of files on a portable hardrive without any backups.. The bug is stupid, but this guy is a moron.

by Michael Allar
9 hours ago

Michael Allar here. Thanks a bunch for posting this, I really appreciate it. I'm also the guy who wrote that Confessions article that was posted here on 80.lvl as well.

Setting Up One-Shot Sequences
2 November, 2018

Weiyo Sha presented his project prepared for a class on dynamic effects at Gnomon. The goal here was to finish a shot with dynamic effects by using FractureFX and PhoenixFD. The whole thing kind of reminds of a famous scene from X-Men.

Thank you to my instructor J. Andres Berkstein for the help and advice. This project is inspired by a shot from the movie “Stalingrad”.

Responsible for all aspects except for the interior model and texture by my amazing friend Mido Lai. Don’t forget to check out his Artstation!

Weiyo Sha

What tools did he use? The artist relied on Maya, Fracture FX, Phoenix FD, Substance Painter, Speedtree, Vray, Nuke, and After Effects when working on the sequence.

Here are some screens with details:

You can learn more about the project by visiting the artist’s Artstation.

Source: ArtStation

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Shawn Booth
Shawn Booth

Bad ass!!
Would love to see the camera continue backwards as though slammed by the explosive force. Opens the door for further destruction to the building.

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